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Your hearts beat with the melody of progress,
your hearts beat with the rhythm of the fight.
Hope and trust are the words that shape you,
in your comrades, in your people, in victory.
You run – along the river, against the current -you run –
knowing that you will reach your goal.
And every step you take is followed by the masses hungry for justice.

What we have in common is the dream to sing of the freedom
they want to take from us.
What we have in common is our longing for a just world,
which they want to see extinguished.
Our dream is to dance Halay in ever growing circles
until we embrace the world with our flag of independence and unity.

Red is the color of the flags we have taken over from you,
Red are the songs that have passed to our lips,
Red as the sea of carnations in which you were embedded.

Many more rivers will take us there, to the place of our dreams.
Be sure we will continue to win until the final victory,
so that your smile never fades!

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