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We learn from our history to illuminate our day

alisansanli    ALISAN SANLI

    We learn from our history to illuminate our day

He started the work
He ended the work…
Starting, he did not shout it from the rooftops,
He finished it and did not say, “Come from all corners of the world to see it”…
He was one of a million in millions.
He was an ordinary soldier.
I don’t know what blood or pedigree there was in his veins –
He is not a racing animal!
His face resembled everyone else’s…
He drank water with his mouth
He used his feet to walk.
For him work started and ended, then started again.
No questioning of it
There was a going and no stopping.
He was one of a million in millions
He was an ordinary soldier.
When we talk of Alisan, what we see is a body with a spirit locked to revolution, and a spirit totally in command of itself. Alisan’s spirit was one of enthusiasm, morale, values, belief, labour and love.
As was stated in the poem, he started the work and ended it… He did not shout it from the rooftops, he did not summon people from all ends of the earth to see it…
This was the spirit of Alisan.
Alisan came from a poor family. He grew up with great anger, recognising the enemy, in whose brain he would in the future explode. He was a waiter for a period and his reaction to the ruling class was to spit in their food.
Alisan was not yet a revolutionary and lived inside the system. But the system could never make him surrender. On the contrary, the system’s attacks only made him stronger. He rushed towards a new life. He turned the anger he felt towards the ruling class as a waiter into revolutionary anger. He showed in practice that he was rushing towards a new life.
A short while later he was the hope of the people and the nightmare of the enemy.
He was a fighter in 1997, a fighter in the 2000 Death Fast and a sacrificial fighter in 2013.
From the moment he joined the struggle he was always first on the road of revolution. In every work he acted with the thought, let me be at the forefront, and he showed this in practice. As a fighter, he struck the enemy in 1997. He was arrested and as a result of the torture he received he could not move one of his arms or shoulder. But he could use the other to make a victory sign.
He joined the caravan of the 2000 Death Fast, putting on the red headband. But during the resistance he was force-fed and left handicapped, and had difficulty walking. But Alisan used his willpower and made great efforts to walk again.
A comrade described this: “Our friend Alisan was self-confident. He created confidence in everyone. Essentially he was a man with a cause and he fearlessly acted with this belief as the focal point around which he moved. I personally know that he regretted nothing…
While he was receiving treatment for his health he pushed himself with so much willpower that in the morning we would go for a run… I was worried and tried to get him to stop. No matter what, he hurried to make his legs obey his orders.”
The comrade told how Alisan was a man with a cause. And nothing embittered him. Because he knew that it was surrender to become embittered over weaknesses and difficulties. But surrendering to difficulties was not written in his book.
On the contrary, he continually learned, developed himself and grew stronger.
Alisan was the first among us who comes to mind when talking about the new human being. Yes, Alisan concretised the new human being. Everywhere he was, in whatever area, he made a special effort with his duties. Everyone who knew Alisan knew this quality and remarked on it…
After Erdal Dalgic was martyred he sent a message to the Party: ” We have begun this period with Erdal Abi and I want to be at the front…” he had said. He did what he wanted and succeeded. And he was indeed to the fore, not just as concerns our peoples, but he also showed the world’s peoples the way.
In turning ourselves into new human beings, it is sufficient to look to Alisan. Alisan’s name is the name of labour, because whether the work is small or big, it made no difference to Alisan.
But in what he wanted to be, Alisan is the most brilliant example of what can be achieved with human willpower. When people say, “I can’t do this work, I can’t go without sleep, I can’t walk fast, I can’t go hungry, I can’t knock on doors etc” they should think of Alisan. Absolutely, they will see how we will succeed.
Another comrade said of Alisan: ” I do not know how to say this. You had all the characteristics of all our martyrs,.
Valuing people, modesty, hard work, sleeping little, working a lot, continually overcoming and developing yourself. You said, if I make a mistake, tell the friends to reveal it. You knew the deficiencies but you were not crushed by them, you knew how to overcome all of them. How will we do better?”
What does Alisan teach us?
Alisan tells us the beauty of the new life and the new human being. He tells we Front supporters who are creating a new world how the new human being can be created. He tells us that it is by continual labour and by continually developing ourselves. He tells us of love for our comrades and love and respect for our people. He tells us that with little sleep, being able to do a lot of work, with our morale and values, our enthusiasm, our belief, no force can tear us down and we will overcome every difficulty.
Alisan teaches us the way to a happy, honourable and proud life and how to be a new human being.
We commemorate Alisan, those like him and all of our teachers.

 From: Yuruyus 443,  November 16, 2014

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