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DHKC, Statement 422, 31.01.2014


Date: January 31, 2014
Statement: 422
The mayor of Ankara in the media
News that we will carry out attacks on Melih Gokcek
and certain politicians are lies!

After the mayor of Ankara, Melih Gokcek, stated that “they will conspire to assassinate me”, the bourgeois media on January 28 produced fabricated news mentioning our organisation.

For example, on January 28 Sabah newspaper wrote the following: “Behind the curtain of Ankara mayor Melih Gokcek saying ‘they will conspire to assassinate me’, it has been claimed that three DHKP-C militants from Greece, one of them a woman, to carry out assassination plans before the elections. According to intelligence sources, it has been planned that the DHKP-C ‘terror’ organisation has been sub-contracted to be used to carry out assassinations before the elections focusing on the aim of producing chaos, and it has been claimed that senior state leaders and political party figures are to be assassinated.”

Announcement to our people;

1- News in the media that “we will carry out assassinations” are complete lies.

2- The enemies of the people know their guilt and with this type of news item they want to have their “security precautions” stepped up…

3- News that “they will carry out an attack” is an attempt to cover up their own filth with by encouraging the impression that they are “victims”…

4- They want to legitimise attacks on the people and our organisation with “assassination” lies.

5- They want to prepare a basis for attacks on revolutionaries and democratic institutions with this kind of lying news items.

6- All enemies of the people who commit crimes against the people and revolutionaries are the target of our organisation, in proportion to their guilt.

7- Our organisation’s aims have never been concealed and have been announced in advance. The AKP’s Ankara mayor and mafia type Melih Gokcek has certainly carried out policies during his time in office that are hostile to the people. One of them only recently was the road going through ODTU (Middle East Technical University) lands, ignoring all demands by the people… Certainly we will not leave enemies of the people unpunished for what they have done. But for the present Melih Gokcek is not among either our political or our military targets.

In conclusion;

These news items in the press are complete lies.We say to the AKP, and Melih Gokcek above all;



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