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DHKC, Statement 421, 10.01.2014

Date: January 10, 2014
Statement: 421

With reference to press and visual media items, above all in the Hurriyet newspaper;
The statement that we will carry out an attack on Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Greece is a lie!
It is a fabrication from beginning to end!
This news has been concocted by the Greek state to benefit the imperialists and fascism in Turkey!

On January 8, 2014, the newspaper Hurriyet published the following:

“The claim that last month preparations by the DHKP-C to assassinate Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during a visiit to Greece were prevented by an operation at the last minute has caused a stir in Ankara.”

On January 3 the Greek newspaper Parapolitika had the following:

Four days before Davutoglu came a security operation was started, which lasted until the minister left the country. The Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras declared a state of emergency lasting until the Turkish delegation left on December 13, all meetings were cancelled and his office followed step by step Davutoglu’s city route.

About 42 hours before the Ata plane bringing Davutoglu and his delegation touched down in Athens, a 26-year-old Turkish citizen named A.B. was caught. During questioning a SIM card was found on A.B. and telephone conversations on it were closely examined. When the conversations were deciphered, the identity of two suspects who were praparing to carry out an attack was revealed within 12 hours. The people in question were detained 24 hours before Davutoglu’s visit began but they were not imprisoned. The two people were held in a small apartment until the Ata aircraft began its return flight. Later they were expelled to a foreign country whose name was not revealed by Parapolitika.” (Hurriyet, January 8, 2014)

1- The news we have cited above is a complete lie. The Greek police had a conscious purpose in getting Parapolitika newspaper to publish it.

2- Our organisation struggles to establish INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S POWER by opposing fascism in Turkey and imperialism.

3- The Greek government knows that our organisation is an enemy of fascism in Turkey and of imperialism, above all US imperialism, and this kind of lying news item is part of bargaining with the imperialists and the collaborationist oligarchy in Turkey regarding our organisation.

4- Our organisation made no attempt of any kind against Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu during the course of his visit to Greece.

5- No such operation was carried out against our organisation on the relevant dates, nor have any of our comrades been detained or expelled to a foreign country.

6- In the news cited, not only have there been no comrades called A.B. detained and even deported, but on Greek soil there are not even sympathisers matching the description …

7- The Greek state is preparing the ground for new plots and attacks on revolutionary-democratic circles in Greece in order to curry favour with the imperialists and the fascist AKP government in Turkey…

8- We say to the Greek state;

Desist from using our organisation to bargain with the imperialists and fascism in Turkey… Desist from attacking revolutionary, democratic and progressive people for the sake of your own interests as regards imperialism and the collaborationist AKP government.

You cannot bring us into line with concocted documents and plots.

9- We say to the fraternal Greek people;

Do not remain silent about the attacks by the collaborationist Greek government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on our organisation which fights against fascism in Turkey and imperialism.. By producing lying news items about our organisation, the Samaras government is preparing the ground for bargains and new plots … But what is really being put up for sale is the homeland, labour and sweat of the Greek people. The Greek people have honour, history and revolutionaries … Do not remain silent about those who are out to sell your homeland, honour and the sweat of your brows.

10- To media workers in the Turkish-language print and broadcast media; desist from preparing the ground for plots against revolutionaries, do not be part of the plots. Use your labour not for preparing the conspiracies of fascism and imperialism, for the massacres, imprisonment and torturers, but for the struggle of those who are on the side of the people and against fascism. Do not be the servants of the media bosses of fascism and American imperialism. Take the side of the people, and the side of the honourable sons and daughters of the people, the revolutionaries.


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