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International Anti-Imperialist Front

We declare that those who are undersigned have established the international Anti-Imperialist Front to struggle against the politics of the USA and its collaborationist and dependent governments and organisations.

Today the USA is the only superpower and an imperialist country and as the basic reactionary power it is the principal threat for the peoples of the world.

The defeat of the USA and to an important extent the weakening of American imperialism will bring about a general crisis of capitalism and imperialism, and this will be a reason for deep changes in the balance of power. Such a result would be an important gain for the peoples of the world and create more positive conditions for the struggle for independence and socialism.

The international Anti-Imperialist Front:

  1. struggles against the USA and its satellite states’ military attacks and occupations, their sanctions and embargoes, and their propaganda for psychological warfare directed at independent and progressive states, governments and organisations.
  2. struggles against the military unities and institutions of the USA, for example NATO:
  3. struggles against institutions that serve USA policies – IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organisation etc.
  4. struggles against the reactionary and fascist governments which practise repression against progressive parties, organisations and their members;
  5. struggles against the attempts of American imperialism to undermine and overthrow independent and progressive governments.

The internationalist Anti-Imperialist Front is concerned with exchanging information, coordinating actions, meetings, rallies, symposiums and other events.

Membership of the international Anti-Imperialist Front:

  1. The international Anti-Imperialist Front accepts anyone as an organisation member who accepts the above points. Those who are from organisations that defend human inequality, discrimination on grounds of nation, ethnicity, religion, race or sex, cannot be members.
  2. All organisations that join the international Anti-Imperialist Front preserve their own organisational independence. Every organisation will decide for itself what duties it will adopt.
  3. Giving up membership: every organisation can end its own membership or vote to remove other organisations from membership.
  4. Every member is responsible for the financing of the international Anti-Imperialist Front through an amount voluntarily determined.
  5. Every member has to fill in the membership list.
  6. The international Anti-Imperialist Front general meeting place and date is determined by a majority of member organisations.
  7. The international Anti-Imperialist Front elects a secretariat at the general meeting. The secretariat directs the functions of the membership.
  8. The secretariat does not determine the other work of the member organisations and cannot interfere in them.
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