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Gazi People’s Council: The Murderer of Edibe Özçelik is the Police, it’s the AKP, it’s the State!

We Will Organize in the People’s Councils, We Will Organize Grup Yorum Concerts! We are the people; your strength is not enough to stop us!

The AKP’s police once again showed its true enemy face to the public. On the morning of January 17, they raided houses with their guns again. This time the address was the Tekebaşı Neighbourhood of Hatay-Samandağ. Their target was the revolutionary democratic peoples who were trying to ensure the unity of the people by solving and helping the problems of the neighbourhood.

Why does the police organize raids when they can get arrest those they want without difficulty? It’s to create fear and panic in the public… And due to this policy, they killed Edibe Özçelik. Edibe Özçelik is the mother of Ümit Özçelik, one of the workers of the Tekebaşı People’s Council. Fascist police officers wanted to detain Umit that day. They are such enemies of the peoples that they first raided Umit’s uncle’s house, lay his uncle’s children on the ground and handcuffed them. The crazed cops did not listen to anything. They then headed towards Ümit’s house, Edibe Özçelik could not bear with the events that occurred, she had a heart attack and passed away in hospital. We extend our condolences to Edibe Özçelik’s family, relatives and Tekebaşı people.

The killer police, who applied the same policy to Erhan Arslan (who was also taken into custody that day) did not first raid his house, but his brother’s house in the same building. Here, too, they were trying to create fear and panic. Erhan Aslan was detained with his wife while they were on the way to see what was happening in the building. When they were brought to the prosecutor’s office, they understand that they have been detained for reasons which did not make sense. Asking questions, “Why did you organize a Grup Yorum concert, why did you attend concert-festival actions, etc.” the prosecutor then releases Erhan and his wife.

The reasoning of these raids has no legal meaning. But this is fascism! When the aim is to intimidate the people, create fear and terror in the public, everything is permissible for the state.

Edibe Özçelik was killed by the police, she was murdered by those who gave the order of this raid, she was murdered by this system. What great crimes did the Tekebaşı People’s Assembly workers do? They took care of their neighbourhoods… They wanted the roads that were broken and muddy to be fixed. They organised actions for this and they won. They mobilised the people to solve the water problem and they solved the water problem. They worked to save our young people from the paws of the drugs. Yes, they worked at festivals in order to keep our folk culture alive, yes, they organised Grup Yorum concerts, a revolutionary music group. You may be criminalising them. But for us, it is what we need to do to live with dignity-to live like a human being.

Even if you murder Edibe Özçelik, you will not be able to discourage these people. The anger of our people – us – is growing and will grow even more.
As you try to create fear, we will be brave!
As you try to break us up, we will organize even more in the People’s Councils.
We extend our condolences to Edibe Özçelik’s family and relatives.
We extend our condolences to the Tekebaşı People’s Councils workers.

Let’s Unite, Organize, Win in the People’s Councils!

Gazi People’s Assembly

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