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Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi statement

 DHKC statement No: 466

Date: 10.12.2016

From the falcon of the mountains, OGUZ, to the falcons of the poor neighbourhoods

All the children of the people will continue to demand a reckoning for you

Our undefeatable weapon is their hearts, determination and creativity.




You laid out the TEM Road to go from Portugal to Istanbul, from Anatolia to Europe: did it save you?

No it does not!

You made those roads so you could drink the blood of the world’s peoples and quickly turn the labour you exploit into money, but those roads pass by neighbourhoods inhabited by the children of the poor. These are roads that are paved with their anger. These are not roads that will always bring you to your house, o prosecutors. Do not place too much trust in them. Each of these roads is linked to the fury of the poor people. Every exit from these roads leads to the lives of the children of the poor that you have wanted to sentence to life imprisonment following police repression, without even bothering to examine the evidence.

Every crossroads on those ways leads to the cells of the Free Prisoners whose every right you have confiscated.

O prosecutor, these roads bring you to anger and to death.

When you pass down these roads, the “double eyes” you do not see can see you…

Prosecutors, judges

The laws you serve which are called justice are just a cover for tyranny, repression and massacres. What you call the law is lies you craft to make murderers seem pure. And with these lies you clean the bloody hands of murderers.



LIVE AN HONOURABLE LIFE AND SELL SIMIT (Translator’s note: Turkish bread roll often sold by street vendors)!

In Dersim the oligarchy of Turkey has carried out 31 operations in a year, involving bombing. In these operations they have used F-16s, Cobra helicopters and drones.

In November alone they carried out 12 bombing attacks and operations. So every other day there was a bombing or an operation. (*)

So Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi guerrilla Oguz Mese came down from the mountains where these bombardments and clashes happen to demand a reckoning. Flowing silently like the clear water, he descended from the mountains that you have riddled with holes. Substantially lacking equipment and with only the simplest weapons, he came to the door of tyranny. The greatness of the action of Oguz resides in this.

Listen, oligarchy of Turkey, you will be defeated!

You will be defeated, look at his action and see how you will be defeated. Because you cannot intimidate Cephe (Front) guerrillas in these mountains that you have bombed and riddled with holes, a Cephe guerrilla comes down from those mountains, valleys, passes and rivers in order to strike at your brains. This heart, this courage, this guerrilla behaviour will spell your defeat.

You can rain down bombs from your helicopters, your army can send tens of thousands into the mountains, and you want to sow fear and surround our villages so that your empire of fear can continue. But you won’t succeed. Our guerrillas and our actions with the eyes of falcons are the proof of this.

The eyes of falcons like Oguz Mese do not overlook even the smallest movement the enemy makes and are eyes that, like a falcon’s, reach the target and demand a reckoning for all the blood of our comrades that has been spilled. Falcons are birds that strike. Like Oguz could strike.



Oguz was a worker whose labour you exploited. A worker, a Cepheli whose blood you shed on the squares on May Day. Oguz was one of the workers you prevented from celebrating May Day in Taksim. But he is one of the most conscious members of the working class. Oguz was one of those who gained the squares on May Day at the cost of his blood. Oguz was a revolutionary who you subjected to torture on numerous occasions. In your torture centres he also knew class anger and anger at fascism, tyranny and exploitation. He was not a worker who would be intimidated or silenced when his labour was exploited. He was a Cepheli worker. This is why he was attacked, for supporting actions at the side of the working people. For wanting justice for Hasan Ferit Gedik who was murdered by the drug gangs, Oguz was detained and tortured and charges were pressed, and he was an honourable son of the people of Anatolia and a revolutionary. A son of the people who was attacked by fascism for wanting justice for Dilek Dogan (TN: a teenager in Armutlu, Istanbul, she was shot and mortally wounded by the policeman Yuksel Mogultay in 2015).

Oh DISK (TN: a trade union federation in Turkey) members, while you played trade union games in your offices while wearing suits and ties, Oguz shed his blood for the working class and was a worker you attacked at your door and subjected to lynch attacks. You organised lynch attacks on workers like Oguz and had the nerve to call it trade unionism, you attacked workers like Oguz side by side with the fascist police and your trade unionism was conducted side by side with the bosses.

Oguz Mese was a revolutionary personality formed within this tableau of fascism. And in this consciousness, in order to refresh the hope of the people and to increase it, he set out with his comrades for the mountains of Dersim.

You will lose this war you are conducting against people like Oguz.

Would you be brave enough, like Oguz Mese, to carry out an action on your own? You would not be able to.

The children of the people, the People’s Liberation Fighters can.


Firstly they are right.

Secondly, they fight under the leadership of an ideology that is able to take them to victory in a rightful cause.

In the face of this, you will be defeated.

The bombs you rain down on the hills will be your end. The bombs are not a source of fear for us but increase your fears. In your fear you will commit bigger massacres, but as your massacres do not work your fears will increase even more.

You will organise greater massacres while we renew our fighting behaviour and come back at you. This fighting behaviour will be your defeat. This is the guerrilla war behaviour of the Cephe that will defeat you.

What does this behaviour consist of?

This guerrilla behaviour is not one of being compressed into an area and waiting to be massacred by you.

This guerrilla behaviour is there to demand a reckoning from you for the children of the people you kill or leave hungry and even during your biggest attacks this reckoning is demanded. This is not the kind of guerrilla behaviour you can surround and then destroy. This is a guerrilla behaviour that in time will make it impossible for you to even take a step into our mountains.

The guerrilla behaviour of the Cephe is not a matter of armed strength, it is about fighting with the willpower of the guerrilla and the creative force and support of the people.

Within this guerrilla behaviour the fight consists of knowing every inch of the mountains, valleys, plateaux and rivers of our land, as well as the peculiarities of everything that lives, the winds, the shrubs, the soil, stones and vegetation and to fight using the properties of nature.

The Cephe’s guerrilla behaviour will develop further and become greater with new examples. In guerrilla behaviour our fighters will perfect striking blows without suffering losses and victory will come to our guerrillas from their consciousness, then from their hearts and finally from their weapons.


 Your brigade command, your Special Action Teams, your Sikorsky helicopters, your commandos swarm in and attack the people in tens of thousands. There are no places you have left unbombed in the Dersim mountains. Every day you make propaganda showing your aggression and hostility to the people.

The result; your attacks cannot effect the People’s Liberation Fighters, the People’s Liberation fighter Oguz Mese came down from those mountains to put pressure on your minds. The action of Oguz achieved that aim at that moment. The people of Anatolia are being shown that the method for fighting fascism and the courage to fight fascism is being inculcated in them. The enemy asks for identification and a People’s Liberation Fighter is identified with a bomb. And the identifying bomb explodes in the brain of the enemy. And this was the action started by Oguz. The falcons of the mountains show their identification to the enemy, the falcons of the poor neighbourhoods show their identity to the PROSECUTOR. There is no way for exploitation to pass smoothly over its own roads. The falcons of the neighbourhoods will also obstruct you with their bullets. They have told you their identity. And several hours later, in unison, you could assess who it was who had carried out the action.

There is no escape for you. The children of the poor people who have poured the sweat of their brows onto your Trans-European Highway (TEM) (**) have caught you and there is no escape, prosecutor!

They said, do not fear to imprison the children of the people, do not fear to destroy with your murderous hands, they built special security centres for you.

But the palace you felt very safe in did not save you, it did not save the prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, it won’t save you.

You laid down the TEM road from Lisbon in Portugal to Bazargan in Iran. So you can pour the sweat of our brows more abundantly and more swiftly towards imperialist Europe… But those children of the people whose labour you stole and whose blood you spilled caught you on the TEM. There is no escape for you. Your only escape is to stop being enemies of the people. What high ideals of the people are you fighting for? None, you have no ideals. You engage in hostility to the people for the sake of a pittance. Stop it. Do not fight against the people. Live honourably and sell simit instead.

The aim of building the road is to convey the wealth of Anatolia and the Middle East safely and speedily to the European countries, so that the products of Anatolia and the Middle East can safely and speedily be marketed by European imperialism. So it is part of imperialism’s plans for exploitation. For this reason there is a special significance in this TEM road as regards our action against the prosecutor.

Our militia set fire to the prosecutor’s vehicle on this road and carried out an armed action to demand a reckoning.

Whose account, and in the hands of which prosecutors?

The account is that of our martyrs, The killers of Berkin Elvan are still walking around. Yuksel Mogultay, the killer of Dilek Dogan, is still walking around, practising state terror in the neighbourhoods and remains on duty. He enters a house in Gazi neighbourhood, does not put on galoshes, this Yuksel Mogultay, he attacks the people of the house and slaps them.

Is there one prosecutor who will prosecute these murderers? No. Because there are none. Not one daring prosecutor will come forward. Not one will come forward, not even to prosecute the murderers according to the murderers’ own laws.

Never mind exercising the law on behalf of the people, there is not a prosecutor who will even practise the law even according to the laws of fascism. Nearly all prosecutors and judges act and render judgements in line with the directives issued by the AKP. Those who behave differently are targeted by AKP fascism.

They say to us, “Go to court if you seek justice.” This is just a way of subjecting the people to ridicule. In what courts can we seek justice? The judges, prosecutors and courts for that do not exist.

There is no solution for any of our problems within this system.

So we as the people must procure our own justice. We ourselves will render an account from the murderers. These shantytown neighbourhoods are the house of the people. And your TEM cannot go over these neighbourhoods. As you cannot move around freely in our neighbourhoods, you will not forget that your road passes the neighbourhoods of the children of the people.

In the mountains you encounter Cephe guerrillas. In the shantytowns of our cities our militias are waiting for you. There is no place for you to go or to escape to.

We repeat, your only way out is to stop being enemies of the people. Go to the people and live honourably by selling simit. The money you make from that will not be dirty and require you to wash your hands like the money paid to you by dishonourable murderers. Live on the money you get from your labour and do not make your life dirty by targeting our guerrillas and our militias.






There is no road for us other than to fight fascism and resist this exploitative, tyrannical system. Without tearing down this fascist system none of our problems can be solved.

In the oligarchy’s system we can resolve neither the problem of hunger, nor the problem of poverty, nor the problem of tyranny. The solution is to be found in revolution. The solution is to be found in people’s power.

Our comrade Oguz Mese showed us the way to people’s power.

Establishing people’s power is not to go down the road of prettifying this system in one way or another but to pull up this system by its roots and establish a system based on people’s power. To do this, let us join our Cephe guerrillas and our Cephe militias.

There is no road of liberation other than to join our guerrillas and militias in our cities and our rural areas.

Our road of liberation is to build up our guerrillas and turn them into armies, to build up our militias and turn them into the greatest source of fighters for our armies.

Let us fight. Let us fight so there is no more exploitation, hunger and poverty, and let us establish a system in which our children do not sink into the swamp of drugs and corruption and the workers are not murdered.

Let us fight so we can build a new future.



(*) Places in Dersim where the oligarchy has bombed, carried out operations or there have been clashes

1- 1 March 2016 Kutuderesi

2- 10 December 2016 Pulumur

3- 19 October 2016

4- 25 October 2016 Alibogazi

5- 7 November 2016 Ovacik and Asagitorunoba

6- 22 April 2016 Dersim Elazig highway

7- 12 November 2016

8- 28 November 2016 Alibogazi

9- 10 August 2016 Ovacik

10- 29 January 2016 Hozat

11- 5 November 2016 Ovacik

12- 6 November 2016 Pulumur Hozat Cemisgezek

13- 17 March 2016 

14- 8 September 2016 Ovacik Kozluca village

15- 10 November 2016 Ovacik

16- 16 November 2016

17- 1 December 2016

18- 9 March Hozat

19- 22 November Ovacik

20- 2 November Ovacik

21- 16 September 2016 Ovacik

22- 18 November 2016 Kutuderesi

23- 25 November Alibogazi

24- 27 November Hozat

25- 20 September Ovacik

26- 1 September 2016

27- 15 December Alibogazi

28- 1 June Ovacik

29- 24 August Nazimiye

30- 30 September 2016 Dersim

(**) Look at the history of the TEM road, “With the technical and administrative support of the UN European Economic Commision in 1977, the TEM (Trans-Europe North-South Highway) Project was established as a project of sub-regional cooperation and as one of the oldest and most developed projects in regional sub-structure in the history of European communications.” TEM started from the Portuguese capital Lisbon and extends to the Iranian city Bazargan as the European Highway. Its length in Turkey is 6,962 kilometres. 28 billion, 300 million Turkish lira were spent on the highway. The TEM&TER Master Plan work started in 2003 and work finished in 2011.

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