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News of the Day – Donbass 23/06/2015 [video]

SPARTAK-DONEZK : clashes : …
Tank Ready For Weeding In Novorossiya !
‪#‎UKRAINE‬—In ‪#‎Volyn‬, 22 fighters of 51st Separate Mechanized Brigade are on trial—for preferring capture by ‪#‎NAF‬ to dying in the ‪#‎Donbass‬.
Interview with French Volunteers
Ukrainian drones sighted over Donetsk City. Heavy artillery fire falling on civilian areas and Militia positions – NAF HQ . One civilian killed in ‪#‎Spartak‬ settlement near ‪#‎Donetsk‬ due to UAF shelling .Over Lugansk area were seen at least 5-7 UAV’s operated by ‪#‎UAF‬ . Today near Donetsk Ukrainian Forces used MLRS . Pervomaisk (LPR) is under constant shelling by #UAF,They using 122mm howitzers,mortars and APC . Near Marinka #UAF snipers are firing from hospitals,kindergarten and civilians houses . #UAF has near Marinka BM-21 GRAD,MLRS,tanks,APC,howitzers-A new column was headed today to Marinka .1/2 Over the past hours under heavy shelling were Donetsk City ( Petrovsky,Kuibyshevskyi,Kyivskyi ) Donetsk Airport . 2/2 Under fire were Spartak,Pesky,Marinka,Zhabichevo,Shyrokyne,Putilovka and Avdiivka .Dokuchaievsk is under heavy shelling,#UAF is using 152mm and 122mm howitzers,ACS,mortars . Yesterday were heavy fights in LPR,#UAF had 7 KIA and at least 14-30 WIA,Militia had 1 KIA -by sniper fire and 14 WIA …
Ukrainian Tank Destroyed Near Lugansk !
#Donetsk Bombardment of ‪#‎Aleksandrovka‬ has already destroyed houses/outbldgs. 2 women injured; one lost a leg
#Donetsk New ‪#‎DNR‬ “UFO” tactics led to 100+ ukrop KIA & WIA in an attack on a convoy driving from ‪#‎Kurakhovo‬ to ‪#‎Marinka‬ over the weekend.
I.‪#‎Strelkov‬ discusses…Why the revelations now of the ‪#‎Tornado‬ crimes? Why the “one nation” talk in Kiev? 12 min
Two civilians killed, one at Dokuchayevsk and one at Kuibyshev. One civilian injured at Petrovsky by Ukrainian artillery
Normandy Four’s Foreign Ministers to discuss #Ukraine ceasefire on Tuesday… …
Ukrainian forces have violated the ceasefire regime 74 times in the last 24 hours, the DPR Defense Ministry told…
22nd of June, 2015. Donetsk People’s Republic, Novorossiya. Many officers and soldiers from the Ukrainian forces…
Украинские ‪#‎силовики‬ обстреливают ‪#‎Докучаевск‬ из “Градов”…/vstrane_…/content/201506230134-ciqd.htm … фото: odnarodyna. org ‪#‎Град‬ ‪#‎война‬
Requiem Concert On 22 June, 1941 began Operation BARBAROSSA ‪#‎NAZIS‬ entered #UKRAINE Some footage of the amazing Valentina Lisitsa in concert in Donetsk this evening – static camera. #Donbass … In #Donetsk, a crowd of several thousand remembered heroes, and listened to breathtaking talent!
Валентина Лисица – клип 1 – ‪#‎Донецк‬ 22.06.2015 – это статическая камера. Будет выглядеть круче после монтажа Emoticon smile …
#ZAKHARCHENKO: “Just like in 1945, we will defeat them, we will purge our land of fascists. Victory will be ours. The enemy will be beaten.”
Which Russian invasion? #Gorlovka residents already wait a year for #Russia’s troops 2be sent …
Press conference of former #Ukraine’s general who just joined #DNR ranks! Via Also 7 others with Kolomiets. And acting Customs cheif for the Luhansk region to LNR: … GENERAL WHO DEFECTED TO REBELS THIS WEEK SAYS UKRAINE REGULAR TROOPS ARE REFUSING TO TARGET & KILL CIVILIANS. ONLY NEO-NAZI BATTALIONS NOW.
#Breaking Video from downed ukrainain UAV showing UAF shelling residential areas
Putin Invades Ukraine Again, This Time With Humanitarian Taxi Drivers
NAF positions near #Kalinovka are STILL under fire from #Svetlodarsk
BREAKING first vid from torture celler from Kiev batalion TORNADO they even have a crematorium
Ukrainischer Generalmajor ist zum Donbass-Widerstand übergelaufen (VIDEO) Der ukrainische Gen …
Ukraine SITREP June 22nd, by Duff | The Vineyard of the Saker …
NAF Soldiers Hold the Buffer Zone:
LATEST COMBAT REPORTS FROM UKRAINE – 22 JUNE 2015…/latest-combat-reports-f…-]


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