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Calls for justice for Berkin Elvan

Before he died  our  call for justice had not been limited to Istanbul but had spread all over Turkey and Europe. The police were given their orders to kill by Erdogan and he praised them last year for their “legendary” suppression of protesters.

 His government gave them pay increases as a reward. Eight people were killed by the police in the Gezi events, 12 lost eyes, 190 people have been imprisoned and 3,000 tons of chemical gas used by the police against protesters.

In the course of the past month there have been 32 “Justice for Berkin” actions taken place and 90 people have been detained by the police for taking part in them, most of those detained having limbs broken or were beaten by the police.

About 3 million people took part in Berkin’s funeral ceremony in Istanbul on March 12. The procession with his body went from Okmeydani to Ferikoy cemetery. A number of actions and protests took place, some of which started before his death but which were continued after it. For example, a march from Antalya to Istanbul started on March 8 calling for justice for Berkin is continuing as of March 18. Protests, as well as police repression aimed at them, broke out in many parts of Turkey, such as Edirne, Dersim, Adana, Burdur, Balikesir, Eskisehir, Kocaeli, Malatya, Mersin, Ankara, Antalya and other places.

Fascists attempted a provocation in Okmeydani, the neighbourhood of Istanbul where Berkin lived, on the evening of March 12, after his funeral. They encountered resistance, in the course of which one of them was shot dead.

Before and after Berkin’s death, protests took place in other countries, for example Greece, England, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland.         

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